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Flow/Pūheke (tui)

Currently on show at Helium Gallery in a collaborative exhibition named "Fight or Flight".

This exhibition combines the work of Nicola Wright and Rebecca Moore. The theme of ‘flight or fight’ links the works of both artists. 


Wright works in Oamaru stone to create sculptures with movement and energy focusing on native birds. There is harmony implied by the flowing curved forms of Wright’s birds. The stone both anchors and frees the birds and in doing so acts to accentuate their fragility and beauty.


Moore’s oil paintings and drawings which delve into the struggle between calm and tension, the impasse between flight and fight, complements Wright’s work. Moore, instead of using birds, uses figures which seem trapped in moments of calm and indecision.


An exhibition of Oamaru stone work along with oil paintings enables the exhibition to tap into a wider audience. The links between the works, as well as the artists handling of media to convey the concept of ‘flight or fight’, invites conversation and discussion.


To view the artworks either visit the gallery website or bricks and mortar store here in Rotorua.

www.heliumgallery.co.nz  | 1155 Hinemoa Street | Rotorua

For information on discussing or commissioning artworks please go to my contact page.