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Matapopore - (noun) guardianship, care. 


“Matapopore” is both a custodian and conservator. It embodies all birds from the tidal flats and surrounding bush habitat to the residential gardens on the Tamaki Estuary.


This waterway and its surrounding shores is central to the livelihood of many types of birds. Seabirds such as the red-billed gull, caspian tern, pied-shag and little shag which feed in the waters surrounding the spit. Waders like the white-faced heron and reef heron feed on the mud but retire to resting places at high water.


Various native species of land birds can also be found on the bushy slopes surrounding the estuary, including tui, morepork, grey warbler, fantail and silvereye. 


Introduced garden species include the song thrush, blackbirds, finches and spotted doves. Californian quail, yellowhammer, skylarks and a number of pheasants inhabit the meadow while in spring the migratory shining cuckoo visits. 


Harrier hawks may be spotted drifting over the swamp and meadow, along with the tiny welcome swallow, who flit about in large numbers in the late afternoon.


As a silent overseer, this imaginary bird assumes the spiritual and metaphysical role of guardianship and care, watching over the environment on which it sits.

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