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This piece is part of a series of three, which make reference to the daily ritual of cleaning (for some a form of OCD). Constructed from prefabricated PU foam ceiling rose, Resene "Grenadier" paint and coloured mesh sponges.

The idea of many coloured sponges transforms the mundane routine of cleaning the body into a more attractive proposition, repeated on a circular format to represent the repetition of the chore and with a specific bright colour. The colour orange represents liveliness and freshness, excitement, enthusiasm and warmth - which most often I do not imagine when it comes to cleaning.

Response from the exhibition: "I had lots of favourites but the ones that stay in my memory the most are Obsessive, Compulsive & Disorder. These had a quiet power for me. They filled their space with colour, questions and the urge to touch. When I looked away I could still feel them glowing.'  CF  from Christchurch


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