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Ironing Bored

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With the ironing board, I wanted to create a work of art with a house-hold object that I have a really hate-hate relationship with.


I am probably not alone in my fear and loathing of the chore of ironing, and have only recently started to iron as my daughter’s school uniform looks so much nicer with stiff pleats and collar at the beginning of a school week.


When I was young, my father had to pay me to iron his shirts… I used to iron for money, now it’s love. Funny how thing’s can be turned around as we evolve as individuals.


I also wanted to create something sexy to look at, which is not very functional. You could use the board to iron with, but why would you, with the shiny red paintwork, and the white vinyl cushioning? I think this could be the equivalent of a pimped car.


"A change to see humour in art" -RL Auckland

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