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Stone Sculpture

Carving in soft stone such as Oamaru Stone, Hinuera and Steatite (Soap Stone) is an area of my practice I adore. Teasing out the image within the stone is magic. The process allows contemplation and meditation until the final form is reached. ...[view detail]

Laser Cut Sculpture

This area of sculpture involves design and manufacturing artsworks using laser technology. The works here are hand drawn, then scanned and edited to maintain a hand made feel. Once manufactured, I may use some hand changes to the work to g...[view detail]

Origami Sculpture

Exploring origami forms and tesselations gives me great pleasure and meditation.  I have started to use these forms as multiples to create a greater whole, which can then be used to create  a concept based on many replications of the sam...[view detail]

Found Object Sculpture

Domestic Bliss Most of the pieces were created in the evening or during the day when my daughter was at kindergarten and the baby was napping – quiet, precious moments of peace when I let out my alter ego, the artist. The process and resul...[view detail]